• The AI Marketing Revolution.

    The AI Marketing Revolution.

    Online communities are something of a norm these days, when people flock together to talk about shared interests, topics or to follow a personality or group dedicated to something they’re passionate about. This leads to a lot of juicy segments in the digital world for marketers and advertisers to think about when designing their communications […]

  • Guerilla Digital Marketing in 2023

    Guerilla Digital Marketing in 2023

    It’s not easy to appeal to your target market but there are ways to approach digital marketing in a creative way that can give you that extra boost in visibility.  Be me. Be a digital marketer. Think about advertising on Facebook. Sees competitors already saturating the media with ads. Puts on guerilla marketing camouflage outfit. […]

  • Team-building AnyMeta® X Ocunapse

    Adventure and excitement awaited us at the AnyMeta X Ocunapse Team building event in March 2023. Enjoying a whole host of activities from zip lining down the flying fox to a time-tested cooking competition with the tropical sun beating down upon us brought us all closer together in the end.

  • Aptrasco Grand Iftar Dinner

    The Aptrasco Grand Iftar dinner was held at the Contango Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur during the Raya month. Staff members from all affiliated companies were treated to a buffet of succulent treats and delicious meats while reveling in the spirit of the festive season.

  • Finding Treasure In Facebook Ads

    Finding Treasure In Facebook Ads

    Many years ago, Facebook advertising was the uncharted territory of the social media world, where marketers went to conquer and claim their share of the audience. But as more and more businesses set foot on this land, the competition grew fierce and the costs of the campaign sky-rocketed.

  • An AI Wrote This Blog

    An AI Wrote This Blog

    You read that correctly. This blog below was generated by an AI. All I had to do was ask ChatGPT, a Natural Language Generation AI program currently making waves on the internet (for a variety of reasons) the following question: “Write me a 500-word blog about how AI like ChatGPT-3 can influence digital marketing in […]

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